Art Classes at J Art Studio

Instruction in the visual arts for students is important at any age, but especially helpful in their formative years. Not only do they learn about proportions, the relationship of sizes, shapes, textures and color, but most importantly, they learn to increase their use of their imagination and creativity. Students also learn to take their ideas and put them to tangible use in our art classes.

We have four different levels, starting from beginners to high schoolers and adults.

Beginner art classes provide basic foundational skills for children between the ages of 3 through 6. We focus on nurturing creativity while developing motor coordination and visual perception. The first 2 hours are spent developing basic drawing and painting techniques. Materials may include watercolor, tempera, pastel, crayon, and colored pencils. After a 20 minute break, the last 40 minutes is used for a craft project using paper, fabric, clay, wood, etc. Craft projects help students develop three dimensional skills.

Intermediate art classes build on the foundations taught in the beginning class and is suitable for children between the ages of 7 through 10. This enhances and refines basic drawing and painting techniques involving color, perspective, and shading.

During advanced art classes, students from 11 to 14 years old further enhance and refine their drawing and painting skills and start working independently of one another with emphasis on composition, techniques, mediums, and style.

Lastly, art classes for high schoolers and adults teach advanced art skills with emphasis on composition, techniques, mediums, and style. Students work independently and at their own speed within their specific areas of interest. Emphasis is also placed on creativity and individuality, using art as a tool for personal expression. 


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